The Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI) is a multidisciplinary research and expert network that operates under the auspices of the University of Helsinki and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

The institute conducts research to produce information about organics for the business sector, consumers and society. FORI promotes organic food production and consumption throughout the Finnish food chain through research, education and development projects.

Our vision is to be an internationally acknowledged expert in the sustainable food chain and a desired cooperation partner.

Main fields of research in FORI  (research projects mainly in Finnish)

Organic primary production, research projects

In research into primary production we answer questions about organic plant and animal production and wild-collection products from organic-certified collection areas. The effectiveness of organic production, the development of production methods and the quality of organic products are the main subjects of this research theme.

Organic food and nutrition, research projects

Questions about the quality and processing of organic food are being examined in research into organic food and nutrition. Our research also focuses on sustainable diets and the health and nutrition effects of organic food.

Organics in society and on the market, research projects

This research theme focuses on the position of organics in society, on the market and in consumers’ choices. Themes about the profitability of the organic food business and its development are also exposed in this research section.

Organic production and the environment, research projects

Research into organic production and the environment focuses on finding ways to reduce the environmental load from agriculture to a level that is ecologically sustainable. The research aims to develop fair food systems that support nutrient recycling, protect the environment and maintain biodiversity.


Coordinating the Research Programme for Organic Food and Farming in Finland 2014–2018

The Research Programme for Organic Food and Farming in Finland 2014–2018 lays down guidelines for research cooperation between organic researchers and funding providers. It has been written in collaboration with the organic food and farming sectors and its needs. Finnish Organic Research Institute coordinates the research, monitors the progress of the Research Programme and reports on such progress annually.

Research Programme for Organic Food and Farming 2014-2018