Research projects

FORI promotes research projects with different organizations. Our main fields of research are organic primary production, organic production and the environment, organic food and nutrition and organics in society and on the market.

The institute conducts research to produce information about organics for the business sector, consumers and society. FORI promotes organic food production and consumption throughout the Finnish food chain through research, education and development projects.

The Finnish Organic Research Institute coordinates the Research Programme for Organic Food and Farming in Finland 2021-2024.

All Research Projects

Organic primary production

Network – Sustain Nordic soil health (NetSH) (Luke and University of Helsinki) 2021-2023

Sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West & North Africa (SustInAfrica) (Luke) 2020-2025

Poultry and Pig Low-input and Organic production systems Welfare (PPILOW) (Luke) 2019-2024

Weed survey in spring cereal fields 2020-2022 (Luke) 2020-2023

Soil biodiversity enhancement in European agroecosystems to promote their stability and resilience by external inputs reduction and crop performance increase (SoildiverAgro) (Luke) 2019-2023

Organic 2.0 – Regenerative methods in organic farming (University of Helsinki) 2020-2022

Sustainable soil management and carbon farming through extensive use of research findings and advisor practices (SOILADVICE) (University of Helsinki) 2019-2022

The future sustainable forage options (University of Helsinki) 2019-2022

Applying and combining disturbance and competition for an agro-ecological management of creeping perennial weeds (Luke) 2019-2022

Crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe: from practitioners’ engagement and ecosystems services to increased revenues and value chain organisation (Diverfarming) (Luke) 2017-2022

Good Yield Recycling Fertilizer 3 (University of Helsinki) 2021-2021

Enhancing biodiversity in Finland through cattle grazing: a social-ecological inquiry (University of Helsinki) 2020-2021

SUREVEG – New diversified cropping systems for vegetables (Luke) 2018-2021

Strengthening the comprehensive competitiveness of Finnish animal production (University of Helsinki) 2018-2020

FERDISVEG – Plant nutrition and plant health management strategies in strip-cropping systems of vegetables utilizing waste derived soil-improvers and fertilizers – FERDISVEG (Luke) 2018-2020

AMFTOOLBOX – Endomycorrhizas: Optimization Toolbox (Luke) 2018-2019

Competitive ability for crop farms – KIPAKKA (University of Helsinki) 2015-2019

Knowhow and tools for resource-efficient soil health management in a collaborative network (University of Helsinki) 2015-2019

Sustainable Organic and Low-Input Dairying (FORI) 2011-2016

Chemical Composition of Birch Wood Slow Pyrolysis Products (FORI) 2008-2016

ICOPP- Improved Contribution of Local Feed to Support 100% Organic Feed Supply to Pigs and Poultry (FORI) 2011-2014

Organics in society and on the market

LEX4BIO – Optimising bio-based fertilisers in agriculture – Providing a knowledge basis for new policies (Luke) 2019-2024

Eco-Inndusrial Symbioses for Food Production Chain – Feasibility for South-Savo (University of Helsinki) 2020-2021

Developing customer orientation in short supply chains (ASKEL) (University of Helsinki) 2019-2021

KUMAKKA – Sustainability, competitiveness and appreciation for agriculture by community supported agriculture (University of Helsinki) 2019-2021

Participatory Pathways to Sustainable Intensification. Innovation platforms to integrate leguminous crops and inoculants into small-scale agriculture and local value chains (LEAP-Agri project) (University of Helsinki) 2018-2021

UNISECO – Understanding and improving the sustainability of agroecological farming systems in the EU (Luke) 2018-2021

How can tourism benefit from organic production in Finland? (FORI) 2017-2021

Pakuri (Inonotus obliquus) and the mushroom specialties in the forests (University of Helsinki) 2017-2021

Enhancing the competitiveness of Finnish organic production in the changing policy environment (Luke) 2018-2020

Benefiting the added value of organic in tourism business of Etelä-Savo (University of Helsinki, Luke) 2017-2020

ELPIS – Enabling the potentials of green growth: Stigmatization/destigmatization dynamics in green business development (University of Helsinki) 2016-2020

Towards responsible tourism (University of Helsinki) 2017-2019

CERERE – Cereal renaissance in rural Europe: embedding diversity in organic and low-input food systems (University of Helsinki) 2016-2019

Healthy growth: From niche to volume with integrity and trust (Luke) 2013-2016

MainGreen – Mainstreaming green economy – legitimation of organic production and consumption (University of Helsinki) 2012-2016

Finnish Organic Reseach Institute (FORI) goes to the grassroots 2013-2015

LOVEt II – Elaboration of the best practice models of the knowledge transfer from science to practice in the organic farming sector (FORI) 2012-2014

SUSFOOD ERA-net – Sustainable Food (FORI)

Organic production and the environment