NJF Organic Conference 2017

NJF Organic Conference 2017 – Organics for tomorrow’s food systems

19-21 June 2017 in Mikkeli, Finland

The conference gathered 75 participants. In addition to four keynote papers and presentations 45 different abstracts were received, which lead to 38 oral presentations, 9 posters and 8 additional posters. Seven different country posters from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden were presented as well.

Proceedings: Organics for tomorrow’s food systems

Conference excursion to Wehmais

Searching solutions for weed management with cover crops

Organic tastes for conference guests

Health effects of organic food in discussions – more research is needed

From challenges to solutions in organic onion production

Does Chinese tourist taste local and organic food in Finland?

Organic agriculture in the 21st century – part of food security

Organic wild collection in forests creates new possibilities

Do organic food systems produce healthy diets?

Going towards Organic 3.0